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At Cosmic we love bringing you new products which align with our values of supporting the planet we all live on. From the very beginning THE MOUNTAIN has put the environment first while making its unique style of "Artwear".

The Mountain has been committed to creating what they have coined "Artwear" using sustainable manufacturing processes. They strive to operate their production facilities with a “leave no trace” attitude. This is no small task, since they began they have:


  • Recycled over 4,000,000 gallons of water (and counting) through their innovative waste water purification system.
  • Implemented an automatic screen washing system that recycles 50% of its processed water.
  • Converted all of the lighting in their buildings to use energy efficient LED bulbs.
  • Earned the Oekotex 100% certification, which means their t-shirts and other apparel contain no harmful chemicals.
  • Eliminated thousands of pounds of plastic by converting to direct-to-screen printing.
  • Switched to 100% recycled cardboard for shipping.
  • Installed filtered water refilling stations in their offices to reduce plastic bottle waste.


 Water purifying

Why do we wear clothing? Besides the obvious reason, have you ever stopped to think about why you choose to wear what you do? At The Mountain, they believe that your clothing should tell a story. Not just any story. Your story.

This is why they offer the boldest designs on uniquely hand dyed apparel. And this is also why their apparel is more than just images on fabric – it is Artwear. It is the point where art and apparel intersect to become a powerful vehicle of personal expression.

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Water – in both liquid and frozen form – makes up three-quarters of our planet. Both Cosmic and The Mountain believe it’s pretty important for us to protect and preserve this valuable resource at all costs.

Basically, they have figured out how to take the “waste” out of their wastewater, resulting in a final product that is full of oxygen so that it can integrate with microorganisms in their local water treatment plant and positively impact their local water supply. We reckon that is pretty cool.

You would think that they would be satisfied with this huge win in water management, but they never stop challenging themselves to do more and be better. This is why in 2015 they installed an automated screen washing system that recycles 50% of its processed water.

Did they stop there? Nope. They have installed multiple filtered water filling stations throughout their two main offices, cutting down on a tremendous amount of plastic water bottle waste.

Cosmic thinks it’s great to see a company with such a life long commitment to being green. We are inspired by companies like "The Mountain" and pride ourselves on working to expand our sustainable and earth friendly product options,  making it easier for our customers to make a better choice.

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