Knotty Boy Ultimate Detangler 250ml

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  • The Basics

    Knotty Boy Ultimate Detangler is a handy pump bottle of all-natural hair conditioning goodness which helps free the tightest of everyday tangles and knots. Rich in Organic Oils, Vitamins and Vegetable Proteins, it helps to smooth and restore rough split ends and damaged hair follicles caused by stubborn tangles.
  • Directions

      • Wet hair.
      • Work small amounts of Knotty Boy Ultimate Detangler directly into tangled areas, gently separating and picking out knots with fingers or plastic comb from end of hair to root.
      • Leave Detangler on hair for 5-10 minutes for increased benefit and repair.
      • Rinse and repeat as needed.
  • Features

    • Removes the MOST dreadful tangles and knots, easily and all naturally
    • Smooths rough split ends
    • Slippery, mild, tropical-scented formula
    • Excellent for use on children for gentle detangling
    • Provides light curl definition and wash-out or leave-in control
    • Not intended for use on dreadlocks
  • Ingredients

    Aloe Vera, BTMS, Castor Oil, Apricot Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Quinoa, Glycerin, Oats, Vitamin B5, Vitamin E, Rosemary Essential Oil, Cucumber Extract, Lime Essential Oil, Papaya Extract, Fragrance, GeogardĀ® (Preservative).

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