Ink Nurse Remedy Cream 50mL

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Product Details

  • The Basics

    Ink Nurse Remedy Cream is not just a tattoo-care product, but an excellent multi-purpose skin care product.

    Healing fresh ink, revitalising old, faded tattoos, eliminating the dreaded itchy phase after being tattooed, moisturising and invigorating the victims of dry and damaged skin are just some of the many ways Ink Nurse are helping the inked folks of the world.
  • Features

    - Daily face and body moisturiser.
    - Ink pigment rejuvenation (faded, sun damaged ink).
    - Itch relief, such as rashes, bites, eczema and psoriasis.
    - Antimicrobial and antibacterial.
    - The best product for fast and effective tattoo aftercare and protection. 
    - Soothe sunburn and various irritations.
  • Precautions

    Clearance pricing - dated stock.

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